SLD Directory on City FM Radio

We’re thrilled to share our recent collaboration with City FM Radio, where SLD Directory took center stage in an exclusive interview. This exciting opportunity allowed us to delve into the intricacies of our platform, discussing how we proudly showcase the diverse tapestry of Sri Lankan businesses and services globally. The interview not only shed light on the unique features of our website but also highlighted our commitment to promoting Sri Lankan excellence on an international scale. City FM Radio, recognizing the significance of our mission, provided a platform to discuss the impact and outreach of our directory. Tune in to the interview to discover more about how SLD Directory is making waves in connecting Sri Lankan businesses with the world and promoting a global network of excellence.

SLD Audio Gallery Image
SLD Audio Gallery Image
SLD Audio Gallery Image

Interview at TV Derana 2011

Step into the vibrant tapestry of Sri Lankan commerce and culture with Sri Lanka Directory – your gateway to a world of businesses and services spanning the globe. Founded by Ravindra Sri Panditaratne (Rav Sri), our platform serves as a comprehensive directory, spotlighting the richness and diversity of Sri Lanka’s offerings to the world. In a landmark TV interview at TV Dreana in 2011, Rav Sri shared his vision for Sri Lanka Directory, highlighting its mission to connect Sri Lankan enterprises with global audiences. Explore our platform and discover the essence of Sri Lanka’s entrepreneurial spirit, brought to life on a global stage. Experience the intersection of tradition and innovation with Sri Lanka Directory.

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