Launches, Sri Lankans’ First-Ever Global Directory

Colombo, Sri Lanka – March 6, 2024 – In a grand event at the Galle Face Hotel, Colombo, the global Sri Lankan community celebrated the launch of on March 6, 2024. Spearheaded by Ravindra Sri Panditharathne, known as Rav Sri, this pioneering platform is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative vision that characterize the Sri Lankan diaspora. As a multi-award-winning entrepreneur renowned for his contributions to the real estate sector and beyond, Rav Sri has now introduced a global directory aimed at uniting Sri Lankans worldwide.

The launch event, highlighted by Dr. Rohan Karunarathne’s inaugural address, emphasized the significance of in creating a unified global network for Sri Lankans. This platform not only serves businesses but also caters to professionals, service providers, and the broader community, fostering connections and visibility across borders.

Reflecting on the journey to this momentous occasion, Rav Sri shared, “Purchasing the domain in 2010 was the first step toward realizing a dream that has been over a decade in the making. After nurturing this vision for 14 years, we’ve launched the site, aiming to create a unified space for Sri Lankans around the world to connect, showcase their achievements, and support one another. Rav Sri’s impressive array of successful ventures prominently features Ravs Realtors, based in Melbourne, Australia, highlighting his significant expertise and leadership in the real estate sector. His innovative approach and marketing prowess were recognized with the prestigious Marketer of the Year award by the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) in 2022, followed by the National Award For Excellence (NAFE) from REIA, Australia’s premier real estate education authority, in 2023. These accolades not only underscore his exceptional skills but also establish him as the first Sri Lankan realtor to reach such a distinguished level in the Australian real estate industry. Rav Sri’s entrepreneurial journey is marked by the creation of several innovative concepts, establishing him as a visionary leader within the Sri Lankan community and beyond. These ventures include: Sri Lanka’s first web radio broadcasted from Australia., An innovative services hub offering a range of services from Sri Lanka, Australia’s first multicultural online gift store, celebrating diversity, A comprehensive guide to Sri Lanka, available in both print and online formats, showcasing the island’s beauty and heritage, AusLan Calendar: A unique duo-nation calendar featuring attractions and holidays from both Australia and Sri Lanka, available in print and online versions.

Reflecting on his achievements, Mr. Panditharathne remarked, “I’m humbly proud to say that I’ve managed to create brands with unique and specially crafted concepts that resonate deeply with our community’s values and aspirations. is a culmination of this journey, aiming to elevate Sri Lankan presence on the global stage.” is more than a directory; it is a bridge connecting Sri Lankans globally, enabling them to share their successes, expand their networks, and celebrate their heritage. Rav Sri’s initiatives underscore his commitment to leveraging technology and innovation to foster community cohesion and promote Sri Lankan excellence worldwide. was produced by Sri Lankans’ first-ever directory and Sri Lankans’ most-awarded media in Australia, Sri Lanka Directory of R S P Holdings Pty.Ltd

Head Table:  Mr. Rohan Karunarathne, Chairman of Sri Lanka Builders’ Association | Mr. Mahendra Wilegoda, President of Sri Lanka Insurers’ Association | Mr. Pradeep Jayagoda, Head of Operations, | Mr.Ravindra Sri Panditharathne, Founder & CEO of and SLD Australia

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