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Alli Company (Pvt) Ltd Alli Company (Pvt) Ltd Alli Company (Pvt) Ltd
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Alli has developed into a household name in the food industry over the years it has been operating. Based on the number of players in the food industry, this has not been an easy feat. However, with the number of players increasing in the market, we at Alli have been constantly striving to improve our standards and efficiency to gain that all important competitive edge over our competitors. This aside, we base our products around one concept, quality. Products produced by our establishment would never undermine the quality or the integrity of a product as a cost cutting measure. This way of thinking has served us well for over fifty years, and over thirty years in the food industry. Founded in 1959

With the global economic crisis widening its reach to our shores, we realize the need for more essential items for the ‘common’ consumer. With the tastes and buying patterns of the consumer ever changing, Alli has introduced two key essential commodities into the market being rice (value added products) and oried. We at, Alli, feel we need to provide a service to the community by making these products available under our range.

One other vital component of the Alli way of thinking is how we place a great deal of importance on having our production components strictly local. With this in mind, all raw materials purchased, employment opportunities, and sub contractors are kept well within Sri Lanka. We believe we owe it to our great nation and people who have given us so much over the years, helping us establish and making us who we are today.



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