Bhaddeka Vihari Meditation Center

Bhaddeka Vihari Meditation Center
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Phone: +61356080918

Vision Statement
To engage in activities in line with environmental protection and eco friendly living (Agro based activities)
Also facilitate eco friendly living with ease and relaxation (Bed & Breakfast).
To promote mindfulness training for physical and mental well being.

Proposed Activities
Promote Virtuous Living with the following of an ethical code of non harm leading to stress free mindful living
Promote mindfulness training for physical and mental well being
Facilitate Residential Retreats for Mental purification and greater understanding of nature of life. In our busy day to day to living we keep switching rapidly from one task to another and experiencing stress without really getting to knowing causes and how best to slow down activities. This serene location offers an opportunity to learn mindfulness as taught in Buddhist scriptures and avoid stress
Retreats are for varying lengths from 1 day, 3 days, 14 days and 21 days with opportunities for participants to benefit from Mindfulness activities and Power of Noble Silence
Opportunities for issue resolution and dealing with addiction through Mindfulness Training with the guidance of qualified councillors
Family Counselling based in Buddhist principals, loving kindness meditation and with the guidance of qualified councillors mediate in relationship issue between husband and wife and Parents and Children. Other emotional issues such as dealing with anger, self confidence and depression
Youth activities designed for different age groups of 10-15 years, 16-20 years and 20 -25 years promote like minded association with social responsibility and activities designed to promote such values. Activities cover Youth Camps, Team Tasks, Youth Camps, Summer Camps. Mindfulness Meditation, Discussion sessions on current themes and concerns, organic farming, Hikes and mindfulness walking sessions, activities protecting environment
Volunteer Opportunities Organising Community Services in the region with social needs of the community
Community Seniors day promote opportunity to catch up with each other and participate in communal activities under the watchful eyes of dedicated volunteers.
Visiting hospitals and boosting moral of patience and other services such as Chaplin Services.

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