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The art of photography is a very important part of my existence. It is the bond between my heart and soul coming together to create a reality that freezes forever. The ultimate satisfaction is to create a photograph that you look-at for a second and remember for the rest of your life. To me, photography is something I feel in my heart, see through my eyes and capture through my camera, it is the depth of my feeling that becomes a reality.

I am a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. I take great pride in capturing the true personality of the people and subjects. My style has been described as creative, divergent, lively, fun, engaging, and relaxed. I strongly believe that working in a relaxed environment makes it easier to capture the most amazing images. Therefore, I like to build a strong connection with my clients and make them comfortable. Listening to my client’s suggestions and engaging in conversations makes it easier for either ends of the camera to create the best moments to capture.

Pubudu Dissanayaka

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