Rajanima Craft (PVT) LTD

Rajanima Craft (PVT) LTD Rajanima Craft (PVT) LTD Rajanima Craft (PVT) LTD Rajanima Craft (PVT) LTD Rajanima Craft (PVT) LTD Rajanima Craft (PVT) LTD Rajanima Craft (PVT) LTD
Email Address: Info@rajanima.com
Phone: +94812229799

Rajanima offers you the best collection of art and crafts in Sri Lanka. We are driven by the intention to delight your mind and enrich your soul with the exquisite and invaluable Rajanima creations. The success behind Rajanima Craft & Gallery today goes back to 1988 having located at the same place, the factory founded with small very skilled craftsmen whose ancestors were hails from the centenaries.

Our Craftsmen’s are excelled on their work and wood carving is their life and passion which is inherited from their generations. Their works are extremely unique. Their ancestors were the craftsmen and the carpenters of the Palace of the last king of Sri Lanka in Kandy during 18th Century in the British colonial Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Some of our products bought by our Clients from different parts of the world are exhibited in their galleries in the World Wide Web.

At present, by entering our factory & gallery, visitors can witness the creative Sri Lankan traditional wood carvings and get a firsthand experience of the carving industry. we give a complete introduction of the history of the woods in Sri Lanka and the wood carving industry, what each wood bears, it’s own unique qualities and what each wood is being used for…making souvenirs, statues, Carvings, doors, windows etc.,

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