Samurai Lanka Trading (Pvt) Ltd

Samurai Lanka Trading (Pvt) Ltd Samurai Lanka Trading (Pvt) Ltd Samurai Lanka Trading (Pvt) Ltd Samurai Lanka Trading (Pvt) Ltd
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Phone: +81252118609

Samurai means Japan’s Samurai, and Ranka means Sri Lanka’s Langka (island).
No matter what happens, as in Samurai, with a desire to promote business first, with the heart of Gori Sri Lanka, the company name is “Samurai Lanka”.

Samurai Lanka Trade is a new company that has been established for more than a year, but through trade with Sri Lanka and other countries around the world, we introduce the good parts of Japan overseas and deliver the products and services that both countries want. doing.

Also, as a bridge of trust connecting Japan and Sri Lanka and other foreign countries so that they can respond promptly to foreign needs, I will continue to make positive corporate efforts while respecting trust.

Business development that can meet the needs of all of you while making use of the deep trusting relationships and partnerships with people from both the Japanese and Sri Lankan political and business communities who have been connected through international social activities that have been promoted for over 10 years I will proceed.

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