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SCATS Australia
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Sri Lankan Study Centre for the Advancement of Technology & Social Welfare Inc, Australia

Since its inception in 1992, SCATS has grown to become the most active and established Sri Lankan community organization in Melbourne. The organization has a strong emphasis on social welfare, culture/arts, education, technology sharing and seniors’ welfare.

Over the years SCATS has carried out a large number of notable and pioneering initiatives which has helped it become a household name among the community.

Key past projects include:-

* Australia Sri Lanka Friendship Village – Construction of 10 houses in a tsunami ravaged village in Gurupokuna, Tangalle, Sri Lanka in 2006 with the support of several other organizations.* Donation of medical equipment worth over $60,000 for the Lady Ridgeway Children’s Hospital in Colombo.

* The ‘Sisu Saviya’ Scholarship Scheme which has benefited over 300 under-privileged students since 1997.

* Donation of over $50,000 since 2006 to fund approximately 1800 free cataract operations at the Lions’ SightFirst Eye Hospital in Hendala, Sri Lanka.

* Siyanee Primary School Development Work

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